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“With Covid19, Educational organisation AISH UK were looking to launch their educational courses online. The content included concepts that are often very technical and needed illustrations and motion graphics to really enhance the learning and bring home the more complicated points in the courses. King Bee worked closely with Aish to propose key sections of the videos that could use motion graphics and help brainstorm the right concepts for each moment. We chose a blend of an expressive illustrative style that humanises some of the more abstract concepts for some of the graphics, as well and clean clear iconic graphics for other concepts, all to enhance the understanding of each point in the learning. The end results are great demonstrations of how pivotal animation can be at making often complex concepts appear clearer. The courses are now on sale.”


Enough of us talking! See what some of our awesome clients have to say:

"King Bee have been outstanding creative partners in the creation of iHeart's new wellbeing/resilience curriculum for young people, as well as our wellbeing programme for educators and teachers."
Terry Rubenstein
"This was the second time we have used KingBee for design and production work. The project was long and complex. They got the job done! They are a true joy to work with, real pros! I look forward to our next venture."

Joe McGowan
Cepia LLC
"We are loving working with you all by the way. When we see a wetrasnfer has arrived, it is the highlight of our days!"
Liz Gaskell
12 Yard Prod.(ITV 2)
"We are extremely happy and proud with the final result! The Final outcome is extremely professional and perfectly matches the vision we described in our brief! ...KingBee demonstrated a very pro-active approach, strong attention to details, high flexibility and an extremely friendly and positive attitude."
Jercome C
"In all our dealings I have found you to be very helpful, encouraging, friendly and approachable. You have always listened and responded rapidly and positively to our suggestions; the communication levels have been excellent!"
Damian & Moira
"Can highly recommend Kingbee to make your characters come to life true to the original inspiration. A very caring and sharing process!"

Jessica Stevens
Big Splash Circus

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