King Bee is an Award-Winning Animation & Production Company based in the icon Elstree Studios. We produce animations for brands, music videos, animated series, education and much more. Feel free to call us on 03332470377 or email us:

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Animated Educational Content

Children and Teenagers can be inspired by animated content in classrooms, apps & online/YouTube. In our 16 years of production experience, King Bee have developed and produced a variety of successful animated edu-tainment projects.

Educational Projects include Key Stage 2 project The Legends of Literacy, 20 animated episodes used in classrooms called that blend comedy with English grammar with Sensei Sentence, teaching children Hebrew in school app Tiny Tap, through 28 animated episodes and inspiring 4-8 year old children to brush twice a day via animated web-series The Teeth Chiefs, whereby King Bee combined it’s creative cartoon series development skills to create the full cast, scripts, and even theme music. For a good example of videos that fuse live action and animation, view our shorts for BBC about ADHD & PTSD Likewise we produce short-form videos, designed for co-viewing with parents such as the Pampers Underjams/ short about childhood bedwetting. When it comes to combing educational messages and entertainment, King Bee are specialists in this area.