King Bee is an Award-Winning Animation & Production Company based in the icon Elstree Studios. We produce animations for brands, music videos, animated series, education and much more. Feel free to call us on 03332470377 or email us:

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Music Videos

Animated Music Video Production

When it comes to animated music videos with emotional connection, King Bee have a passion for blending engaging characters with powerful stories that tell the story of the track’s message/vibe. We have collaborated with well know artists like our recent animated lullaby album for Christina Perri, our animations for the legendary AC/DC or our funkadelic music video for Boy George.

1. Narrative Music Videos

A combination of a powerful song with an animated story can really inspire audiences and bring home the message of your track. We work with artists to craft the story, style and track all working in harmony to really move our audiences. Take our award-winning music video for our animated ritual band Soul Jump, the emotive coming-of-age story for track ‘Be Free’ for Dashni Morad.

Going Viral – Lots of our videos have gone viral such as the animated music video for Shanghai rock band Zhaojiabang, that reached 3 Million views on social media in the first 2 weeks of release.

Key Projects:

2. Turning the Artist into Animated Characters

King Bee has had a lot of experience turning artists into animated versions of themselves, combining cutting-edge styles with capturing the essence of their personalities. This can be great when it’s either more cost-effective than shooting when the artist wants to explore an alter ego or enhance their brand with a 1 off animated music video. Examples include the character design we have done for Little Mix, the legendary AC/DC or our funkadelic music video for Boy George.

3. Live Performance Animations
+ Fusing Live Action with Animation

King Bee has produced animations on screen for live performances at Tate Modern, west-end musical Into the Hoods, animated music videos alongside our live animated band Soul Jump including concerts with animated music videos to audiences of thousands. Often we fuse animation with live action like the CG animation in the music video for Universal girl band Fe-Nix and this project for example. Seamlessly blending animation and live-action can often surprise audiences and tell amazing stories through music.

Got a Music Concept?

If you have a track and are looking for a really creative team that can work with you from concept to release, to dream up a style that looks fresh and will connect to your fans, look no further – email