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september 2012

Citizen UK wanted to celebrate them ending 10,000 children getting child detention each year through a video that Positively celebrated the victory of everyday people banding together to make a difference. The end result was to be a positive feeling video that acknowledged and thanked everyone who helped turn the situation around. Not an easy target – but the choice of using animation to get this across was the perfect solution. The message was important to children through to the adults of all ages. Therefore a simple, hand drawn children's book style and the theme of a mother reading her children a bedtime story connected it all together.


A good use of cutting in and out of the book to share the children's reaction, helps to bring home the unfolding message of the video. This video is a good example of how a simple but powerful device can prove extremely powerful for a delicate subject. The video was very well received and also aired on BBC Parliament. We have also produced a recent video with a real-life paper base and different coloured pencils to add an even more authentic hand drawing illustrations video.

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