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Martyn Niman –

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Martyn first became inspired by animation through his father bringing home Disney tapes each week and immersing himself in classic Saturday morning animation. Martyn and his brother, Jamie, knew they wanted to make cartoons from a young age, entertaining each other with their own characters, taking huge inspiration from, ‘the Simpsons’, and many other well loved cartoons.
Many years later, after graduating from the University of Wales, in animation, Martyn used his passion for cartoons and storytelling and combined them with a strong understanding of creative advertising through his training, to set up King Bee. The goal of King Bee simple, to produce animation that stands out both stylistically and in storytelling. 13 years later, Martyn heads up a lot of creativity at King Bee, enjoying producing some of the studio’s innovative productions. Examples such as would be the funny classroom animations for children, ‘The Legends of Literacy’, corporate videos that stand-out & succeed for clients such as Pepsi and Uniliver, as well as music video productions including Martyn’s own series and animated band, ‘Soul Jump’.
When not managing the hive, Martyn enjoys family time with his wife Gabby and four kids, Samuel, Rafi, Levana and Talia – we probably wouldn’t call it relaxing but highly enjoyable nonetheless!
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