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For the last few months, King Bee has been working alongside toy experts Cepia, to create hundreds of short animations for innovative wand toys. Below is part of the process behind these adorable animations.

Each animation needed to the made as cute as can be, so the design process was a very important stage of the process as a whole. We worked very closely alongside Cepia to come up with sketches and what different poses we would need per character. Some of the characters could have up to 8 sketches each! We then developed these characters with colour in Adobe Illustrator. Below shows the initial sketch process and the final coloured character.

One thing we always had to keep in mind was how each character needed to be broken down, so they could be animated with ease. The characters were coloured in Adobe Illustrator, making it easy for us to transfer them to a suitable animation software, such as Adobe Animate. Below is an example of a fully broken down character.

From there our animators worked their magic alongside our effects team, to produce the wonderful animations you see in the wand toys. The toys have hit the shelves already in the US and are selling by the bucket loads, with hope to be hitting the UK shelves very soon!

TV Commercials for the Toys

TV Commercials for the Toys

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