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23 July 2009

Marketing Agency Porter Novelli working on behalf of Hewlett Packard targeted 12 of the UK's top animation and design agencies to compete against each other to promote HP's latest work station Z800.

The new work station had it's own brand character 'Mr.Z' and the 12 X 30 second animations were to form a day in the life of Mr.Z as a way of Portraying the character of the new modern work stations.

King Bee was one of the first studios' to work with the work station as part of the competition - We will be describing the 30 second animation we produced in full as soon as the completion is over (we don't want to give any of our ideas away!)

But all we can say is that it involved a fusion of 2d, 3d and special fx and
here are some sample screen shots to wet your appetites..


Please return shortly for the full case study and of course to view the
animation itself..

Let's hope we win the competition (the prize is to win the great work
station itself!)

view the full case study

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